Yes I’m Very Tired Now

Yes I’m Very Tired Now


April 2021

As it is still not possible to play concerts I have recorded some songs for you solo and live to watch. Hope you like it and that we can meet again soon at physical concerts.



In my studio and rehearsal room. The place where I have probably spent the most time in the last 12 months.


My first song was released exactly 7 years ago "You In My Heart"

Wir spielen das Spiel einfach weiter und weiter...
Neue Daten für die Solo Konzerte (Versuch Nummer 3):

Keep Calm - YIMVTN (Solo)
Freitag 12. März 2021
Donnerstag 18. März 2021
Freitag 19. März 2021
Ticket: CHF 18, nur im Vorverkauf
per Mail:

Neue Zuversicht: Neues Datum für Stuttgart: 15.5.2021 im Galao

Wir haben ein neues Datum für Berlin: 13.5.2021 im Badehaus.
Die Karten behalten ihre Gültigkeit.

Leider müssen die "Keep Calm" Konzerte in den Januar verschoben werden.

Die neuen Daten: Freitag 15. / Donnerstag 21. / Freitag 22. Januar

Ticket: CHF 18, nur im Vorverkauf
per Mail:

Keep Calm - Zusatzabend

Da alle Plätze für die beiden Abende im Dezember vergeben sind, hänge ich noch ein weiteres Datum an: Auch am Freitag 15. Januar 2021 heisst es keep calm! YIMVTN solo & reduziert. Ich freue mich sehr auf die Abende mit euch. Danke für euer Interesse & Support. Tickets gibt es wiederum nur im Vorverkauf via Mail:

KEEP CALM - Solo Live 
10.12. & 11.12.20
ØYA Klub St. Gallen  

Die Vorfreude war gross das neue Album live mit der Band zu präsentieren. Doch leider wurden auch bei uns alle Konzerte bis auf weiteres abgesagt. Dennoch kann ich das Jahr nicht gänzlich ohne live Musik ausklingen lassen, so dann wage ich den Schritt und werde zum ersten Mal alleine auftreten. Die Songs im Kern, unter Covid Auflagen und mit limitierten Sitzplätzen. Tickets für CHF 18 gibt es nur im Vorverkauf via Mail:

03-11-20tour cancelled

my dear autumn. all concerts for the new album are cancelled. 
take care out there

09-10-20new track out now

Happy Release Day: Life Is Not A Dream
a collaboration with the electronic producers and friends of mine TÖRS

Live Vs "From Here Till Dawn"

check out our live vs of the new single "From Here Till Dawn"
cause live music must survive

new track out now

"From Here Till Dawn“
a new piece of music of mine.
Please welcome the new song to your digital music collection.

22/06/20new single

„From Here Till Dawn“
new song this week

100 Years - pre save the new record now

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Vinyl: cede ¦ bandcamp
CD: cede ¦ bandcamp

Common World - Solidarity Version 2020

Solidarity - a song for this time

A contribution by Titel Thesen Temperamente on ARD

20-3-2020Clip Premiere

Friday 20th March 9am (CET)
Clip Premiere "The Man Who Sold The World"

21-02-2020Release Day

Since today our version of the David Bowie classic "The Man Who Sold The World" is available. The song is the title track of the German cinema production "The Man With The Camera", which will also premiere in Berlin today.

Listen here


Thanks for this and congratulations to the whole crew who were involved in this great clip 

"I Tried A Summer"

life is live. New shows planned for 2020. Where shall we come by? 
Pin your city, village or island on my FB or Insta page

Grabenhalle concert - sold out

The concert at Grabenhalle St. Gallen is sold out! We are very much looking forward to the evening.

27-11-19OpenAir St. Gallen 2020 confirmed

Clip Release15-11-2019

It's a real pleasure to present you the clip of "I Tried A Summer". An intensive film by Dennis Ledergerber, André Guadagno and his hell of a Crew. Tanks to all who contributed. Let's spread it and make it big!

08-11-2019New Track Release

With "I Tried A Summer" a new track is now available on all channels and hopes to be heard.


Thanks to everyone who contributed!
Lukas Speisssegger producer / musician 
Monoposto Mastering
Dominik Junker Artwork
Claire P. Rivlin Proofreading 
Dennis Ledergerber Clip (release 15.11.2019)

pre release show

Über die letzten Monate - ach was sag ich - es waren Jahre, habe ich an einem neuen Album gearbeitet. Erscheinen wird das Album im 2020. Doch schon am 28.11. werden wir das Album live vorstellen. 

VVK: OYA Bar und Kafé

Happy 5th Birthday "Common World"

5 years ago was the release of this piece of music.
And I'm still in common with this song.

Happy Release Day !

It’s time to listen my first new song:

Geronimo (Clip) 


MAY 2019

a short studio break to say hello my dear world. Is it outside day or night? #recording #nevereverending #speissegger #studio #yimvtn #mixing #newchapter

music new constructed. coming soon. ###davidbowie

new year

Let’s start a new game. All the best to YOU, YOU and YOU for 2019.
Let’s keep heads & power together for #worldrescue #stopclimatechange #oceancleanup #savetherainforest #noracism #helprefugees #newenergy 
Foto: Ladina Bischof

recording time

Hey there, greeting from the studio sessions
I'm working with the band on a new album from November 2018 until February 2019
at Alternarecording Studios Basel & Foodcorner Studio Winterthur
see you & listen soon. YYY marc

live autumn 2018

short cut live 2018


We're glad to announce our first show in Hungary:
17-11-18 Budapest A38 

in progress

best thing in music is to create music that other people feel it as well. on the way to a new chapter. 

autumn shows 2018

10/11/18 CH Rorschach Treppenhaus
14/11/18 AT Graz Postgarage
15/11/18 AT Salzburg Shakespeare
17/11/18 HU Budapest A38
18/11/18 AT Wien B72

summer live dates 2018

03/05/18 CH Biel La Coupole
05/05/18 CH Arbon Presswerk
19/05/18 CH Horw Zwischenbühne
02/06/18 CH St. Gallen Grabenhalle
22/06/18 CH Nänikon Konkret Festival
07/07/18 CH Rorschach Kulturcontainer

13/03/18In bad times

Sometimes yes. Listen to in bad times


another night session. #newmusic #recording #weonlycomeoutatnight


08/12/17 CH-Wil Gare de Lion
09/12/17 CH-Langenthal Old Capitol
15/12/17 CH-Aarau Kiff

Private Song


new concerts in autumn/winter 17 confirmed

New Song

One for todays world. Music against politics. listenonsoundcloud

Festival summer 2017 - half time

It's half time of festival summer 2017. Thanks a lot to you for all this great moments so far.

sold out release concert

Thank you very much for the sold out release night at Kulturfestival St. Gallen

It's Release Day

wait - the new album
CD /\\/ bandcamp /\\/ mail
Vinyl (+ downloadcode) /\\/ bandcamp /\\/mail
Booklet (+ downloadcode) bandcamp /\\/ mail
Digital iTunes /\\/ Deezer /\\/ Qobuz /\\/ other plattforms
Stream (but better buy it) Spotify

Clip Release

Today's release of the second track of the new album "Wait".
Bring Back The Sun comes with a thoughtful clip from director Can Isik. 
Please spread it with the world. Only two weeks left until release of the entire new album.


Merci Genève & l’équipage de Placebo pour la nuit dernière. Magnifique!

A night with Placebo

We're going to support Placebo on their night at Arena Geneva on Monday 8th of May.
Get your ticket now
Come and see 20 great years of Placebo and 3 years of Yes I'm Very Tired Now


Our album release concert at Kulturfestival St. Gallen. Thurday, 6th July with Natasha Waters, Crimer & Len Sander. What for a great night. Get your ticket now.

countdown Wait

"Wait" is arrived and goes out to you out there on Friday 26th May.
Booklet with photos by Christian Tiefensee, lyrics and 11 new songs.
Order now on shop selection. Thank you!

wait for wait

Back to work, music was not mine. #wait for wait #red #physics #bringbackthesun

Clip Release

Finally: "Still Believe In Music" the clip
Great thanks out to director Dennis Ledergerber and the whole big crew for transfer my music into those perfect pictures. Please spread it with the world. Thank you!

Still Believe In Music

Today's release of the first track from the album "Wait": Join "Still Believe In Music". Hope you like it. Thank you very much. Bandcamp Itunes 

Wait for "Wait"

M4Music Zürich

We're playing at this years m4music Festival Zürich
Friday 31st March 8.45pm

New Track

"Take A Photo" first sign from the new album Wait (May 17)
Direction by Can Isik
Location: Nagoya, Tokyo, Ryujin Onsen, Japan
Cast: Hiroko Sakaguchi

Eurosonic Noorderslag

#eurosonicnoorderslag thank you

new record finished

Final voice take for the new record WAIT -> May 2017

Yes I’m Very Tired Now


Yes I’m Very Tired Now


Törs / YIMVTN: Life Is Not A Dream


From Here Till Dawn

The Man Who Sold The World (film theme)

I Tried A Summer


100 Years


Hide & Seek

Yes I’m Very Tired Now


Solo Live Session 2021

Common World - Solidarity Version 2020

From Here Till Dawn (live vs)

The Man Who Sold The World (film theme)

I Tried A Summer


I Tried A Summer (live version 2019)

Common World (live version 2019)

Common World

Still Believe In Music

Common World feat. CRIMER (live cut Kulturfestival St. Gallen 2017)

Private Song (live cut 2017)

Take A Photo

Shining Lights

You In My Heart

Waiting (OpenAir St. Gallen 2015)

Take A Photo (live solo radio session)

Yes I’m Very Tired Now


Booking GER


Say hello



Jonas Huber


Dominik Junker

Press Photos

Ladina Bischof

Art Photos

Christian Tiefensee


Can Isik 
Dennis Ledergerber

live crew

Lukas Speissegger (Bass,Synth)
Philipp Schmid (Drums)
Rolf Buri (Guitar, Synth)
Lucretia Ehrensberger (Engineer)
Thomas Münger (Light Engineer)
Mirco Glanzmann (Drum Sub)
Nina Schwizer (Engineer Sub)

Yes I’m Very Tired Now


Yes I’m Very Tired Now